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Bart Garrett

Many people have commented on how much they appreciated your candor and honesty! I think you hit it out of the park (something that most every batter would have done against you had the A's called you out of the stands to pitch!).

ezra roizen

I'm flattered that you assume I could get the ball close enough to hit ;)

Chris Byers

"Who wouldn’t want to be a new creation, forgiven of all sin and saved for eternity?"

That's a really good question. Let's forget for a moment all of the baggage around faith and "religion" for a moment and ask your question. Why would anyone reject or walk away from a wonderful eternal life and a cleansing of all of the bad we have done? There aren't many good reasons to walk away.

The other questions still need to be addressed but this puts many of us on better foundation for a thoughtful discussion. Thanks for sharing.


Brian McNitt

Religion is nothing more than a series of symbols and stories trying to describe "something," pointers if you will, but only that. Ultimately, the desire is to experience that "something" directly; it's that desire that moves the faithful.

But it's possible to experience that "something" directly, here and now, in this very moment and have no more questions. Questions only live in the domain of the thinking mind; sidestep the thinking mind and you're (...pick a pointer to describe it -- "awake, in heaven, one with God") there.

Blessings. :)

Tim Musgrove (@tmusgrove)

Ezra, a very brave and thought-provoking essay/talk, on your part. Thanks for that.

Three things come to mind:

1. C.S. Lewis' argument is valid if you accept the premise that Jesus "claimed" to be the son of God, but historical Jesus research casts serious doubt on that. At best, Jesus claimed other things that *might* imply some divine attributes (like being able to forgive people's sins without needing an altar sacrifice).

2. I very much like your "hearing signal amidst the noise" analogy for what faith is all about. This would apply equally to all world religions, however, not just Xianity.

3. The biggest challenge to faith among contemporary educated folks is that a strong movement is afoot (Dawkins, Dennett) to say it's *all* noise, and there's no signal, in religion. I believe faith will survive this challenge, but not in its current (orthodox) formulation.

Look forward to the next we/me event.
-Tim M.

Demian Entrekin

If there is no evidence, no factual experience, I'm not quite sure what kind of signal it is...

ezra roizen

a feeling, a hunch, a superstition, something...

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