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Brian McNitt

Excellent. Not sure who that guy is but he must be a forward thinker. ;) And you’re just in time to use the new standard feed icons being adopted by Mozilla, Microsoft, and the larger web community (http://feedicons.com/ ). RSS and XML icons are SO Web 1.5. Not sure where all of this leaves ATOM and branded RSS services like Feedburner though.

On the aggregation side, I built my own RSS reader in PHP a year ago as part of my personal start/home page. It was cool at the time but is starting to look pretty basic compared to all of the cool Web 2.0 AJAX peppered feed readers out there these days. For personal home/start pages with RSS feeds I have been recommending Google Personalized Home Page (http://www.google.com/ig ) and Netvibes (http://www.netvibes.com ). I will have to give Newsgator a try.

PS - One vote here for allowing basic HTML markup in comments for links, etc.!

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